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The Share house

     The term, “Sharehouse,” refers to the part of the warehouse that shares with the community. The Sharehouse is a food pantry that currently feeds about 4,000 families monthly. This is done by partnering with the local food pantries weekly in the surrounding tri-state area. Just For Him is partnered with two large distribution centers located in Indiana, where food is picked up weekly, and Florida. Local food pantries partnered with Just For Him come weekly to pick up loads of food and take it back to their own pantries for distribution. While the Sharehouse's primary ministry is food distribution, there are also times when items are given to the pantries from our Florida Center; such as blankets, pillows, heaters, clothing, general hygiene products, and other miscellaneous incidentals. The main Sharehouse mission is to bring the love of Christ in a tangible way.

“A lady said that she lived in an assisted living place, and every night she would freeze, because she couldn’t afford a heater. One night she prayed that Jesus would send her some heat. The next morning she heard that we were giving away free heaters. She came into the building crying about how Jesus was so good and she was finally going to be warm.” 

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