the upper room

       The Upper Room Prayer House is the heart of the impact center. This prayer room was designed with the intent of being a place the community could come to rest in the presence of Jesus. There are daily worship set that happens during the lunch hour, (12 PM - 1 PM) as well as weekly Friday night services that are open to the local community. These Friday services begin with a meal free to all in attendance and there are, at times, guest speakers brought in from other cities and states. The Upper Room does not exist to replace the local church but rather to support it. It's encouraged that churchgoers come to the Upper Room Services on Friday night, followed by their home churches on Sunday morning. It is also encouraged that people in attendance give their tithes to their churches and not the Upper Room. The Upper Room Prayer Room also hosts monthly youth nights which is a night of fun, games, and socializing for the local youth. The heart of the Upper Room Ministry is this prayer room.